How do I care for my lashes at home?


Caring for your lashes is an important step in having eyelash extensions, as this determines the longevity of your new look.

Do This

Do: Clean your lash line everyday with oil free soap and water. To do this, dip your Q-tip in the solution and wipe the lash line. Rinse with another Q-tip soaked with sterile/distilled water.

Do: Keep your lashes dry for the first 48 hours. This means no sauna, no steam room and no steamy hot showers. Avoiding excessive moisture on the lashes will help the adhesive to ‘dry’ properly.

Do: Blot your face from excess oils if you have oily skin. This will prevent the oils from reaching your lashes, and extending your extension life.

Do: Use oil free products around your lashes (makeup and makeup removers). Using eyeliner is fine – as long as it is oil free (ex: a felt tip eyeliner).

Do: Clean your lashes daily after the 48 hour mark by using oil free soap and a mascara wand. For this technique, dip your mascara wand int the oil free soap and water solution, and brush your lashes. Gently rinse with lukewarm water and air dry your lashes, or use a mini fan, or use lint free face pads to remove the excess water.

Don’t Do This

Don’t: Avoid cleaning your lashes! Maintaining good hygienic practices are good for your lash longevity as well as your general eye health.

Don’t: Touch your eyelashes or pick at them. The oils from your skin will break down the adhesive over time.

Don’t: Use mascara!

Don’t: Dry your lashes with products that carry lint. Use lint free pads or a mini fan to dry your lashes quickly.

Don’t: Remove your lashes on your own at home. You run the risk of pulling out your own natural lashes. If you need them removed, please schedule an appointment. Those who were lashes by Blink Labs will have the lash removal fee waived.